What is Supp?

Supp is an app for Hirers and Workers in the hospitality industry.

Where is Supp available?

Supp is currently focused on Inner Melbourne suburbs. An expansion to greater Melbourne and other Australian capitals is earmarked for late 2019.

What does it cost?

A service fee of 10% is deducted from worker wages. This covers insurance, GST and transaction fees.

How do I use Supp?

The Supp mobile application is available on Android, iPhones and iPads. Being mobile-only upholds the convenience and speed of your experience on Supp.

Who can apply? 

Anyone! All applications to join the community are welcome and will be carefully considered. Applications are processed on a rolling basis. The main assessment criteria is based on demand for specific skills and location. This is to maintain a healthy shift-to-worker ratio for the benefit of all existing users. For most roles our screening process favours people with prior hospitality experience.  

What is Supp Payments and how does it work? 

Supp Payments ensures secure payment for services on the platform. After completion of the shift, the Worker verbally agrees on a duration worked with the Hirer who then dials the shift duration into a timesheet. The funds are then transferred to the Worker's verified bank account. 

When do I get paid for a shift?

Payment will usually transfer within 2 days after the Hirer has ended the shift. The first payment can take up to 5 working days.

What if the hours worked are different to hours posted in the shift?   

At the end of a shift the Hirer enters the shift duration into a timesheet. If the duration differed from what was agreed to in the posted Shift, the new duration will be used in the payment. 

It is advisable for the Worker to confirm their total time with the Hirer before leaving the venue, factoring in any breaks.

What if I receive a bad review?

Supp's reputation system is designed to develop trust in the community. If you feel like you've been unfairly reviewed, you have the option to dispute the review by contacting us.

How do I know my pay is fair?  

Supp allows Hirers to post a job for a minimum of a 3 hour duration at AUD$22 per hour. Supp is used to hire contract workers, casual employees and to process the payroll of permanent staff. It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure wages are paid in accordance with the award. Workers can set a minimum hourly wage to indicate the amount they are prepared to work for, but Supp strongly encourages both Hirers and Workers to ensure any payment for services is being made in accordance with the award, before posting or accepting a shift. Please report any incidences where this is not the case to customerservice@suppapp.com.

Supp promotes fair wages and working conditions. Information including pay guides can be found here www.fairwork.gov.au.

How is the Worker - Hirer relationship classified?   

Supp acts as a marketplace for Hirers in hospitality to find local Workers who are seeking to perform flexible shifts to earn extra money, but it is also used by some Hirers to process payroll of their own staff. All users have the freedom to choose how they engage with each other in the structure (employee or independent contractor) that suits the circumstances of the work. If you’re uncertain about the legal relationship between you and the other party, please ask before the shift takes place. Refer to www.fairwork.gov.au for more information on classifications.  

Who is responsible for paying income taxes?   

Workers are responsible for paying their own income taxes but how may depend on the legal relationship between the Worker and Hirer. Workers may be able to claim deductions for their expenses but they should investigate using a tax specialist.  

Can a Hirer offer a Worker a job outside of the platform?

Absolutely. Both parties may choose to engage one another however they like during and after the first shift performed using Supp's marketplace.

Do I need an ABN?

If you are doing a shift as a contractor, you will require an ABN. More information, including how to apply for an ABN, can be found here.