We understand how important your time is. Supp lets you choose flexible shifts that suit your schedule.


Get noticed in the marketplace, earn extra income and learn from the best hospitality businesses in the industry.


The opportunity to freelance, pick up a few extra shifts, or keep your bank account topped up between jobs. 


Join a community of top-tier freelancers and businesses devoted to excellence in hospitality.


Supp is a hospitality jobs marketplace where hirers connect with workers. 

We believe “people” decisions are the most important in a workplace, but finding great people can be a puzzle. Now there’s an easy way for managers to quickly find passionate and reliable hospitality workers, and for workers to find extra shifts.

If you’re a worker, you can expect flexibility and choice from Supp. When you receive a shift notification, you have the chance to apply for real work that will be paid direct to your bank account a few days later. Supp is perfect for picking up extra shifts that fit your life.

If you’re a hirer, then you can relate to how hard finding good people to back-fill shifts or replace regulars can be. It’s also now widely understood that the CV process is broken. People tend to overstate their accomplishments and remove all failures from the record. Supp introduced online reputation to hospitality so managers can now minimise hiring mistakes and rely on recent third party reviews of a worker, left by venues from the neighbourhood.  

Supp is proudly home grown in Melbourne, one of the great hospitality hubs in the world. While the platform is currently Melbourne-only, users will soon have even more mobility after Supp expands to new cities and towns around Australia. Hirers who are spread across the country will also benefit from Supp’s network. 

Using Supp is really easy. This is how it works:

  • Download the app and sign up to create your profile;
  • Hirers are now ready to create a shift (it takes 20 seconds!), which gets instantly posted to all local workers for that role. We have seen last minute positions filled in a matter of minutes;
  • Workers just wait for shift notifications to arrive. When they see one that is suitable, they can choose to apply. Should they get accepted by a hirer, they are set to go! Information about the shift such as dress code and lunch policy can be found in the shift description. Mobile numbers are also shared in case either party needs to get in touch; and
  • At the end of a shift, the hirer selects the total duration worked to initiate payment. Then, both sides leave a review, and an automated email containing sufficient information about each other is sent. This way everyone can stay on top of their own administration in a timely fashion.

Supp was made by industry insiders who have a passion for hospitality. It’s free for workers to use, and really affordable for all hirers.

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out at