The Uber-isation of industries is changing the way people work. Supp proposes a welfare-enhancing model: the Decentralised Autonomous Co-Operative (DACo-op). In this model, interests are aligned, and the community moves towards shared economic, social and cultural goals. This innovation is made possible by the Supp Blockchain Protocol.

The preliminary token sale will raise up to USD $2.0M

Round 1, Pre-seed


The Supp Blockchain Protocol encompasses Value distribution; user Governance and arbitration; Payments and remittance. Collectively it will enable the community to rapidly scale into a robust and low cost global co-op. The Protocol will address the power imbalance between workers and hirers, and by mitigating black market shifts, it will provide transparency in payment rates and foster community pressure to fairly compensate staff. Frequent users of the platform will share in the value they help create, rather than it being extracted by a small group of investors.

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