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Since founding my bakery, Lune Croissanterie, I've learned that the biggest challenge is staffing. Tired of venting about it, Supp’s Co-Founders got together and built a new system which gets right to the point. The result is something you will never have experienced before. On Supp, it’s a simple new world without wage underpayment, no-shows or lack of skilled staff. You can now go back to focusing on the fun stuff.

We believe people in Supp’s community are the backbone of the platform, and so we would like to give them the opportunity to be Co-Owners alongside us. To learn more, visit here.

I think Supp is a remarkable step forward for hospitality and I can't wait to hear what you think. 

Kate Reid
Founder, Lune Croissanterie

Co-Founder, Supp