Helping hospitality thrive


Supp was founded to overhaul recruitment in the hospitality industry.


We help thousands of venues (from small independents to supergroups) build their teams and serve every possible customer.


We empower thousands of hospitality professionals to reach their financial goals and fulfil their dynamic work preferences.

Our story

Supp was started on an ordinary day in Melbourne, a city that celebrates and greatly respects the hospitality industry.

Two friends (Jordan & Kate) were venting about life when the topic of hospitality staffing came up again. They penned down some ideas and a side-project took shape, soon to be known as Supp.

In 2017, Supp launched a prototype app designed as both an instant staffing solution for small venues, and as an easy way for under-employed hospitality workers to find extra hours.

Today, Supp bundles up the essential ingredients of modern careers: temp work, permanent work, training and reputation. The platform has become a regular part of hospitality life for thousands of people.

What's Supp?

Supp is an app that empowers hospitality professionals with the freedom to earn more income on their terms, find permanent work when it suits them, up-skill and attract higher pay rates.

Managers use Supp to fix roster gaps, build their team up, seamlessly onboard new hires, and ensure every possible customer gets served.

The knock-on effects of Supp are huge: people can use their skills to reach their financial goals, tap into new knowledge, and be surrounded by pathways into permanent work at fair wage venues.

Small business owners get reliable access to staff when they are short, reducing the temptation to overwork their core team. They also receive a helping hand with compliance and admin, and an electronic method of payment that’s faster (and legal to boot) compared with paying ‘cash from the til’.

The design of Supp’s app is inspired by the needs of our community. We hope it makes life a little smoother for you.

Jordan Murray
CEO & Co-Founder