The low down!
When performing a shift via Supp's platform, the Worker is covered by a Pacific Indemnity policy (underwritten by Zurich). The Policy covers third party property damage and/or personal injury claims against them. There is a $1,000 excess payable by the Worker for any claim. Terms & Conditions apply.

Public Liability
$10,000,000 for any one occurrence

Products Liability
$10,000,000 for any one occurrence 

Advertising Liability
$10,000,000 for any one occurrence 

Property In Your Care
$500,000 for any one occurrence

United States

What is Covered Under an Occupational Accident Policy?
Occupational Accident is an insurance policy that insures independent contractors against injuries that happen in connection with work done through Supp in the US.

It provides benefits for medical expenses, disability, loss of life, survivor payments, dismemberment and paralysis for covered injuries directly caused by an accident on the job.

In the event that I get injured, how do I file a claim?
If you become injured while performing a shift through Supp, an Occupational Accident Insurance claim will need to be reported immediately. To file a claim please go to You will be asked to provide your policy number during the call. Please use #OA4037374. They will have the hospital or clinic invoice Great American (Supp's insurance provider) and give you instructions for prescription medication if needed.

If your injuries require immediate medical attention, please go directly to the nearest hospital/urgent care center for medical treatment or call 911.

Do I have to sign up or enroll to be covered?
No - enrollment is required, so you are obtaining benefits during the period you are working via the Supp platform.

What benefits are included?

Accidental medical expense
Subject to policy limits, covered injuries that require Physician treatment and/or medical services that include but are not limited to: physician services, inpatient hospital and ICU stays and services, prescription drugs, ambulance transportation, lab tests, radiology, therapy services, durable medical equipment, extended care facilities, and home health care.

Accidental death
A covered injury that results in death within 365 days will pay a lump sum payment. 

Survivors benefit
If an Accidental Death Benefit is payable under the policy, your surviving spouse or dependent children will received benefits to a maximum  monthly amount. You can designate an alternative beneficiary at your request. Please contact Bunker for a form.

Accidental dismemberment
You will receive monthly benefits for specific covered injuries resulting in the loss of certain body parts. Benefits are paid monthly depending on the covered injury.

Please Note: Accidental Death, Survivors Benefit, Accidental Dismemberment and Paralysis benefits are reduced if you are age 65 or over.

Am I covered under the Occupational Accident policy?
If you are a U.S. independent contractor who suffered an injury while performing a service through Supp on or after January, 2022, you are covered under the policy.

I was injured while performing a job for a competing service; will this policy cover that?
No. This policy only covers independent contractors while performing a service through the Supp platform. For broader coverage, you can purchase a General Liability policy that will cover any jobs that you take, for as low as $250 / year. Click here to get a quote

I’d like more information, who can I contact?
Feel free to reach out to Bunker (Supp's insurance broker) for more information or a copy of your coverage.

They can be reached Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CentralCall their support team at 877-968-9108

Or email them at

Who covers the cost of the insurance policy? 
Occupational Accident Insurance costs will be added to the invoice paid by businesses and automatically paid on your behalf.

NOTE: This page is for informational purposes only. All coverages provided by Great American are subject to the policy terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions. If there is a conflict between the information shown here and the actual insurance policy, the policy will govern.