Key Features

Filling shifts is the tip of the iceberg

Block Shifts

Fill up to two weeks of shifts with one pro. That means one induction, one transaction. Perfect for covering annual leave.

Event Shifts

Staffing a big event can be overwhelming. Supp lets you fill anywhere from one to 200 shifts in one go, so you can assemble a team in a heartbeat.

Compliance Guidance

Payroll can be a chore—and if mistakes are made, a liability. Our minimum rates are based on the awards, so can you pick rates with more confidence.

Save On Overtime

Stop asking your regular staff for favours—and copping expensive overtime rates in the process. Willing pros are waiting to work alongside your regulars.

More Flexibility

Have the flexibility to scale your team up for peak periods and ensure every possible customer gets served.

Online Training

Pick from thousands of lessons hosted by industry experts that cover just about every skill you can imagine, with more added weekly.

Frequently asked questions

Not sure what's Supp? Here a few of the most common questions new business  ask us.

What is Supp?

Supp is an app for Businesses and Individuals in the hospitality industry. It’s used by Individuals to pick up shifts or permanent work, and on-job skills development. Businesses use Supp to ensure their roster is reliably staffed, and to expand their staffing network.

What does it cost?

A service fee of 12% is paid on the shift funds sent by the Business. The fee covers insurance, transaction fees and sales tax.  The service fee model means that you never pay upfront for temp workers - only after the successful completion of a shift.

How do I use Supp?

The Supp mobile application is available on Android and Apple devices. Being mobile-only ensures convenience and speed for everyone on Supp. Refer to our Community Guidelines for a deeper understanding of how to be successful when using Supp.

What is Supp Payments and how does it work?

Supp Payments ensures secure payment for services on the platform. The funds are paid out to the Individual's verified bank account within 2 days.

Who can apply to join the community?

Anyone! All applications to join the community are welcome and will be carefully considered.

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