Community Guidelines

Supp is a community.

Sure, a lot of apps say the same thing. But when we say it, we mean it. That’s because the happiness of people while using Supp depends on everyone playing nice. Individuals and Businesses working together in perfect harmony, filling shifts and making clams like nobody’s business. Playing nice is mostly just common sense. That said, we ask everyone to read and abide by the following guidelines and policies.

They’ll help you find shifts, earn extra income, form new relationships and build a reputation to help secure future work.

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So without further ado, here’s some very important legalese:

  1. If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, please do not apply for shifts and do not go to work. Get tested and stay at home.  
  2. Businesses must ensure they comply with relevant workplace laws and that all shifts are performed in accordance with Fair Work legislation.
  3. Individuals must be legally entitled to perform any task they agree to, and provide proof of their right to work in Australia if asked.
  4. Everyone must be over the age of 18 to use Supp.
  5. A Business must enter a valid credit or debit card prior to offering a shift to an Individual. All shifts must be paid for with a credit or debit card.
  6. Tips are permitted depending on the policy of the business, but they must be paid outside the Supp platform.
  7. No cash equivalents (food/beverage credits, gift cards, barter trades) are permitted in lieu of payment for a shift.
  8. When a shift is completed, the Individual must confirm the shift duration with the Business prior to leaving. The Business must enter that duration into the app timesheet within 48 hours from the shift end time - this step triggers payment to the worker. If the shift duration differs to what was agreed to in the Shift Ad, the actual duration worked should be entered in the timesheet.
  9. After the payment step, the Business and Individual will review each other using Supp’s star-rating system.
  10. Your account is your responsibility. It cannot be sold, transferred or shared.
  11. All applications to join Supp must be made with real and verifiable information. Supp’s payment processor ‘Stripe’ will perform a detailed ID verification for every user prior to them completing any shifts.  
  12. Supp is curated to ensure all users gain the maximum benefit. Dishonest or destructive actions may result in suspension or banning.
  13. Your verified account must accurately represent the Individual completing the job, and all personal details must be current and valid. If your offer is accepted, you are legally responsible for the provision of the agreed services as part of the Shift Contract.
  14. A person may only have a single account on the platform. Duplicate accounts will be removed. Business accounts are separate to personal accounts. They can be set up by an Owner or Manager and one Business account per Business location can be created. The Owner can assign the authority to hire to another user.
  15. Individuals must ensure they complete their profile before applying for shifts. This includes entering Account and BSB details for their verified bank account.
  16. All Individuals must read the Shift Description and check the address before applying for a shift.
  17. There are implications for the Completion Rate, if an Individual applies for a job, subsequently accepts the job offer, but then has to cancel before completing the shift.
  18. All offers are final. When an offer is accepted, a Business is not obliged to pay any additional fees within the Supp marketplace, unless it is to comply with local legislation.
  19. Breaks must adhere to local legislation.
  20. The specified shift start time is different to the arrival time. We suggest all Individuals arrive at their shift before it starts to make themselves known to the Business and to get familiar with the workplace. Late arrivals may impact an Individual's review.
  21. All users must treat each other with respect. Any derogatory or hostile behaviour on the platform will result in banning (please be nice).
  22. Users must not disclose private contact details or post third party links (including to Facebook and Instagram) beyond what is viewable in the public profile.
  23. Failure to comply with the Community Guidelines will result in suspension or banning from the marketplace.

Supp’s Karma System measures your conduct toward other community members. Positive behaviour – such as successfully completing a paid or charity shift – will earn an Individual or Business Karma Points. These will improve the member’s reputation on the platform. Negative Karma Points are tied to bad behaviour, which can include taking too long to pay an Individual, no-showing or advertising dodgy shifts. Having a high Karma Score helps Individuals get picked for more shifts and helps Businesses attract the best Individuals. Good Karma will also unlock community privileges down the track. See here for more info.

The Business must approve the timesheet before any funds are transferred. It is required that Businesses and Individuals (verbally or via text) agree on the final shift duration (factoring in breaks) prior to the Individual leaving the Business. A shift represents an agreement between the Business and Individual. Under no circumstances is Supp responsible for any refunds but we can step in to help facilitate them. Supp can also be contacted to provide advice on how to resolve a dispute between an Individual and Business.

Cancelling Shifts
Cancelling a shift will starve a fellow hospo worker from income and put unfair pressure on the team left understaffed. It’s important that you think ahead and be organised so you are never committing to any shifts you might not make. Last minute cancellations are unprofessional, but mostly it’s just unfair on everyone else. Please note that if you accept a shift then cancel it within 24h from the start time (AKA you pull out of a shift at the last minute) your account gets locked.

Our cancellation policy is designed to make everyone think carefully about the shifts they apply for, and when they do commit to a Supp shift they give it priority. This policy will not penalise people who are sick. If sick, please don’t work. Cancel the shift in the app and notify the manager immediately. Once you’ve emailed Supp a medical certificate we will remove the lock right away. If you need to cancel a shift, make sure you do so using the app at least 24 hours before the agreed start time.

Running Late
If you’re running late, be sure to contact your manager immediately – and if you can’t reach your manager, get in touch with us. Arriving late without notifying the Business or Supp may negatively affect your rating, and could result in suspension or banning.

Disciplinary Actions
Emergencies happen. We get it. However, we also have to maintain certain non-negotiable guidelines for the benefit of the wider community. There are consequences for not following the rules, is another way of putting it. Here are a few specifics regarding your obligations.

We reserve the right to take any appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination where appropriate. Some examples when action might be taken include an Individual:

  1. Arriving late
  2. Cancelling shifts within 48 hours
  3. Receiving too many reported incidents
  4. Not wearing the appropriate uniform.
  5. If you don't rock up and we don't hear from you, you'll be banned from using the platform until further notice.
  6. If you feel you have been mistreated by the Business in an unethical or illegal way, if the work conditions are unsafe, or if you are being asked to perform anything dangerous, we encourage you to contact Customer Service. Our email is