Community Guidelines

While we expect all users to act with common sense, we encourage you to read the following guidelines which outline the rules and expectations. They'll help you be successful in finding shifts, earning extra income, forming new relationships and building a reputation to win future work.

  1. It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure they comply with workplace laws and that all shifts are performed in accordance with Fair Work.

  2. Supp Workers must be legally entitled to perform the task, and proof of their right to work in Australia can be requested at any time.

  3. You must be over the age of 18 to use Supp.

  4. All shifts must be paid for with a credit or debit card. Tips paid in cash are allowed but will depend on the Hirer's policy and will be paid outside the platform. No cash equivalents such as food & beverage credit, gift cards or barter trades are allowed.

  5. A Job Poster must enter a valid credit or debit card prior to accepting a shift application from a Worker. When a shift is completed the assigned Worker will verbally confirm the shift duration with the Hirer who will then close out the shift by entering the duration into the timesheet, and approving the payment. After payment the Hirer and Worker review each other.

  6. Your account is your responsibility and cannot be sold or transferred.

  7. All applications to join Supp must be made with real and verifiable information. Supp will perform background checks and vet workers before accepting them on the platform.

  8. Supp will curate the platform to ensure all users gain the maximum benefit. Poor performance may result in suspension or banning.

  9. Your verified account must represent the individual completing the job and all personal details must be current and valid. If your offer is accepted, you are legally responsible for the provision of the agreed services as part of the Shift Contract. The shift cannot be delegated or subcontracted.

  10. A person may only have a single, active account on the platform and any duplicate accounts will be removed. Business accounts are separate to personal accounts. They can be set up by an Owner or Manager and one business account per business location can be created. The Owner can assign authority to hire on behalf of a business location to another user.

  11. Workers need to ensure that they have completed their profile before applying for shifts, including entering the Account and BSB details for their verified Australian bank account.

  12. All Workers must read the Shift Ad including the requirements and House Rules before applying for a shift. Penalties will apply if a Worker applies for a job, is subsequently offered the job but has to cancel before completing the shift.

  13. All offers must be final and when an offer is accepted a Hirer is not obliged to pay any additional fees within the Supp marketplace. Tips and lunch breaks will be shift specific - the Worker should inquire about this if the Hirer's policy is not clear.

  14. The specified start time is different to the arrival time. We suggest all Workers should aim to arrive at the shift before it starts to make themselves known to the Hirer and to get familiar with the workplace. Late arrivals may impact a Worker's review.

  15. A Worker should verbally confirm their time with the Hirer before leaving the venue. If the shift duration differs to what was agreed to in the Shift Ad, the actual duration worked should be entered in the timesheet.

  16. Any derogatory or hostile behavior on the platform will result in banning, including the posting or commenting of vulgarities and insults.

  17. No disclosure of private contact details or 3rd party links (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) is permitted on the site other than what is viewable in a profile.

  18. All users must treat each other with respect.

  19. Failure to comply with the Community Guidelines will result in suspension or banning from the marketplace.


The Hirer must approve the timesheet before any funds are transferred. It is recommended that Hirers and Workers verbally agree on the final shift duration (factoring in breaks) prior to the Worker leaving the venue. A shift represents an agreement between the Hirer and Worker. Under no circumstances is Supp responsible for any refunds. Supp can be contacted to provide advice on how to resolve a dispute between a Worker and Hirer.

Cancelling shifts

If you need to cancel a shift, make sure you do so using the app at least 48 hours before a shift starts or dropping the shift will count as a strike and is subject to disciplinary review (see below). If you cancel within 15 hours from the start time without a fair reason, your account will automatically be suspended. Last minute cancellations cause significant disruption to the small business who has hired you, and this sort of behavior is considered unprofessional and unfair. You may apply to have your account unsuspended 2 months after the cancellation.

Running late

If you’re running late, be sure to contact your manager immediately, and us if you fail to reach the manager. Arriving late without notifying us or the Hirer may negatively affect your rating and could result in suspension or banning.

Disciplinary actions

Failure to follow the rules has consequences. We understand that emergencies will sometimes arise, but we must maintain certain non-negotiable guidelines for the benefit of the wider community.

  1. We reserve the right to take any appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination. Some examples when action might be taken:

    1. Arriving late

    2. Cancelling shifts within 48 hours

    3. Negative reviews

    4. Reported incidents

    5. Not wearing the appropriate uniform

  2. If you don't rock up and we don't hear from you, you'll be banned from using the platform until further notice.If you feel that you have been mistreated by the hirer in any unethical or illegal way, if the work conditions are unsafe or you are being asked to perform anything dangerous, please contact Customer Service.

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