Supp Karma Points

Life’s A Boomerang – You Get What You Give

We know most people do the right thing most of the time. But to make sure everyone abides by our Community Guidelines and treats one another fairly, we created the Karma System. It rewards people for making positive contributions to the community, increases transparency between businesses and workers, and helps combat rogue behaviour across the board. The Karma System also helps people get a leg-up when they’re new to the platform, and provides a pathway to recover from a mistake.

What Is My Supp Karma?

Your Karma is the sum of all the Positive and Negative Karma Points you’ve earned in your dealings with other Supp members, both online and IRL. The Karma System encourages members to be altruistic and consider the effects of their actions (and inactions) on others.

How Do I Get Karma?

You earn positive Karma Points for good behaviour, which can include things like:

  • Receiving a 4- or 5-star rating on a shift (businesses or individuals)
  • Completing a volunteer shift (individuals – coming soon)
  • Completing all mandatory profile fields (businesses or individuals – coming soon)
  • Reporting a dodgy-looking shift that Supp ends up removing
  • Referring a friend

Negative Karma Points are earned for bad behaviour. Maybe you take too long to pay an individual, or advertise shifts we ultimately deem dodgy. Perhaps you don’t show up to your shift. It’s all frowned upon – and with the Karma System, there are consequences, too.

Why Do I Want Karma?

Having a high Karma Score helps workers get picked for their preferred shifts, and helps businesses attract the best workers.

If you’re new to Supp and don’t have any ratings yet, Karma Points can help you get that first shift. Down the track, they can unlock privileges not available to other community members.

Having a low Karma Score as a business means you’re less likely to attract decent applicants. And as a worker, it means you’ll find it harder to be picked for shifts. Negative Karma will draw attention from Supp’s moderator.

Give a little, get a little. Now that’s good karma.