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You wanted the freedom to work wherever, whenever. We listened. Now 1000's of venues are waiting to offer you shifts, from hospitality supergroups to local cafes and everything in between

Supp Passport

Take a working holiday with Supp Passport. Line up shifts before your feet hit the sands of Bondi or the laneways of Melbourne.

Karma Points

Doing great work is just one way to move up the ranks. Supp’s Karma System rewards you for being a good community member, meaning more shifts (and better vibes).


You can now make your employment fit your lifestyle. You choose when and where you work. We empower you to live your best life.

Minimum Rates

Our minimum rates are based on the awards set by law, so you know everything’s kosher. It’s one of the ways Supp looks out for the hospitality community.

Know Your Worth

You’re the boss. Set your own rates (above the award) and pick up shifts that match your skill level.


We protect workers from dodgy operators. If they break the law or our community guidelines they are not welcome to participate in our community.

Go Pro With Supp

Are you looking for work as you travel around Australia? Maybe you’re after a weekend shift in Sydney after a two-week stint in Byron? Or perhaps you just want to hit the road and see where the shifts take you. Wherever you’re headed, Supp Pro is your ticket to paid work.

Frequently asked questions

What is Supp?

Supp is an app for Businesses and Individuals in the hospitality industry. It’s used by Individuals to pick up shift work and make new contacts, often leading to ongoing work opportunities and on-job skills development. Businesses use Supp to ensure their roster is reliably staffed, and to expand their staffing network.

When do I get paid for a shift?

Deposits will usually transfer within 2 days after the Business has ended the shift. The first payment can take up to 5 working days. Payment is processed by Stripe, so Supp never handles funds or records anyone’s banking details.

How do I use Supp?

The Supp mobile application is available on Android and Apple iOS devices. Being mobile-only ensures convenience and speed for everyone on Supp. Refer to our Community Guidelines for a deeper understanding of how to be successful when using Supp.

How do I know the pay rate is fair?

Supp has set minimum rates based on the local legislation of your city. Businesses may post jobs with a minimum of 3 hours duration and at a rate at or above the legislated minimum for the position they are hiring for. It is ultimately the Business's responsibility to ensure wages are paid in accordance with the legislation but we try to provide guidance for managers and protection for workers. Individuals can set a minimum hourly wage to filter out shifts below their pay grade.

Who can apply to join the community?

Anyone! All applications to join the community are welcome and will be carefully considered. Applications are processed on a rolling basis. The main criteria are competency and demand for specific skills in a given location. This screening process helps ensure Individuals are capable of performing the duties expected of them, and to maintain a healthy shift-to-worker ratio for the benefit of all existing users.

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