June 1, 2021

Live Your Life (and Make Money Too) With Supp

Live Your Life (and Make Money Too) With Supp

A job for life. It was once the dream of every Australian, back when Bob Hawke was PM, Crocodile Dundee was our largest cultural export and the most adventurous life you could imagine involved buying a house with a pool room. (Which you’d somehow do immediately after finishing high school.)

Things are different nowadays. Pool rooms have entered their fourth straight decade of decline, homeownership is out of most 18-year-olds’ reach, and people jump between jobs like never before. (According to the eggheads at Gallup, millennials are three times more likely to change jobs in a given year than workers from any other generation.)

We may lament the decline of the suburban den and the ever-increasing cost of property. But when it comes to career freedom, the past has nothing on the present. Today’s 20-somethings have jumped off the 9–5 treadmill, pursuing work where and when it suits them.

And with Supp, that level of career freedom has never been easier to obtain. Got a couple of spare hours? Want to pick up some extra cash? Simply open Supp, see what shifts are going and apply with the tap of a button.

Want to head to the coast for the summer? The mountains in the winter? The city in between? With Supp Passport, you can apply for shifts right across the country. Open the map, find a place you like the look of and see what work’s available. It’s ideal for planning that working holiday, or lining up work before moving house.

Supp fits around your schedule. Want to play things by ear? Pick up the odd shift whenever you feel like it. Looking for more stability? Commit to up to two weeks’ worth of shifts at a time. And if you really like a gig (and the boss feels the same way), you’re always free to accept a more permanent role. The choice is yours.

Looking for hospitality work at the tip of your fingers? Sign up now.

PS. Of course, Supp’s not just for hospo workers—it’s great for business owners, too. Supp solves staffing issues at short notice, takes the fear and uncertainty out of payroll, and puts a stop to all the admin.  Swing past our FAQ to see how Supp can help.