June 1, 2021

Let Supp Do Your Admin

Let Supp Do Your Admin

Running a hospitality business. It’s a lot of work! There are orders to place, rosters to plan, vendors to pay—the list goes on. Thankfully, that list is a little shorter with Supp. In addition to filling shifts at short notice, we take care of a lot of the admin of hiring.

Here are some of the things Supp can take off your plate:

No More CVs

Reviewing applications can be tedious. You have to open countless emails, pore over unnecessary cover letters, then wear out your eyeballs scanning lengthy CVs for relevant info.

With Supp, choosing between applicants is a cinch. Qualifications, work history and star-ratings are all there on one easy-to-read screen. If you want to dive deeper, simply tap the attachments icon to review any documents that have been uploaded, like RSAs and VEVOs.

Streamline Payments

Avoid the payroll vortex with Supp’s one-touch payment system. Just enter your credit or debit card into your account, and we’ll process payment (with your approval) with the tap on a button.

Say Goodbye To Invoices

Payment receipts are automatically generated and emailed to your billing address, so you don’t have to chase anyone for paperwork or worry about a looming bill.

Picking Rates

You’re free to pick whatever rate you choose, as long as it’s above the award. To help prevent you from making payroll mistakes, Supp built-in minimum rates that reflect the award rates set by the Fair Work Commission.

Looking to cut down on your admin? Get Supp today.