Reputation Policy & Guide

Ratings and Reviews Policy

Trustworthiness and authenticity are key in Supp’s community, and that’s why we have the Reputation System. Star Ratings, Written Reviews, Completion Rate for Workers, and Karma Points are how we measure reputation. Compliance with our Policy keeps the system honest for everyone and ensures individual success.

Our Ratings and Reviews prioritise real-world feedback that Workers and Businesses provide each other through Supp. We value the perspectives and experiences of our community members, and aim to honour them as much as possible. That’s why we don’t typically comment on or assess the truthfulness of someone’s feedback. However (in rare cases) we may remove a Review and any associated Rating, and apply account consequences where appropriate.

When Supp May Remove a Rating and Review 

In a trustworthy Reputation System, critical feedback is necessary and expected. Our community knows that not all Ratings and Reviews will always be positive. At Supp, we ask members to leave constructive Reviews alongside any low Ratings they might give. Giving context for low Ratings can be constructive, and may help others to improve on their next performance. 

Out of respect for real-world feedback that Workers and Businesses provide each other through Supp, Supp’s policy is to remove Reviews and Ratings only in rare cases when an objective evaluation can quickly determine that feedback: 

  • contained a mistake or error
  • is clearly threatening, defamatory or discriminatory
  • is personal and not work-related
  • is the result of fraud or coercion
  • is in breach of our terms, policies and guides etc

Account Consequences Following Inappropriate Review

Clear instances of inappropriate behaviour with Reviews and Ratings (which includes posting 'revenge reviews' on third-party platforms or social media) may result in account consequences including:

  • account restrictions
  • suspensions
  • banning

Supp's Reputation System

Supp’s Reputation System is designed to help inform decision-making and to build trust in new work relationships. It is also an effective tool to receive honest feedback on performance, ultimately increasing opportunities within the platform. The transparency of the Reputation System helps:

  • improve a Worker’s bargaining power
  • Businesses to minimise hiring mistakes
  • encourage everyone to put their best foot forward

The Reputation System is based on up to four measures: 

Before applying for work, we recommend Workers assess the Business’s Reputation metrics which are displayed on their profile. Businesses can select the best candidate for a Temp Shift or a Perm Role by viewing applicant profiles and checking the Rating, Karma Points, and Completion Rate displayed on Worker profiles. Reviews about previous shifts are accessed by tapping on a profile’s Rating

Some situations that have led to low Ratings and critical Reviews include: 

  • workers not meeting Business expectations about job performance or conduct
  • businesses not properly communicating expectations, or writing inaccurate shift descriptions
  • workers misrepresenting their skill level in their Supp application, and subsequently arriving for a shift which they are not qualified to perform
  • workers not meeting dress code/requirements
  • disagreements about breaks, hours worked, and delays with pay

Completion Rate

There are implications for a Worker's Completion Rate, if an accepted shift is cancelled before completing the shift. Workers can maintain a high Completion Rate on Supp and reinforce their reputation as a reliable worker by following these best practice steps:

  • Commit to completing shifts: 
    To maintain a high Completion Rate, it's important to commit to completing the shifts you agree to work on Supp. Accepting, then cancelling shifts will hurt your Completion Rate
  • Plan ahead: 
    Make sure to plan your schedule ahead of time to avoid any last-minute cancellations or no-shows
  • Give proper notice: 
    If you need to cancel a shift, make sure to give proper notice. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are factored into the Completion Rate
  • Be reliable and punctual:  
    Ensure that you arrive on time to perform the work, and complete shifts successfully
  • Communicate: 
    If you have any issues or unforeseen circumstances that might affect your ability to complete a shift, communicate this to the Business and to Supp as soon as possible

See: Cancellation and No-show Policy

Karma Points

Workers and Businesses can earn positive Karma Points for performing positive actions on Supp such as:

  • receiving a 4 or 5 rating on a shift 
  • completing a volunteer shift
  • reporting a dodgy-looking shift that Supp ends up removing
  • referring a friend

See: Supp Karma Points

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews are part of Supp's Reputation System. They must comply with Supp’s Ratings and Reviews Policy.

  1. After a shift, the Business completes the payment step by using the in-app timesheet. This confirms the time performed on the shift and processes payment
  2. Both Businesses and Workers then rate their experience on the shift. Ratings range between 1 to 5 Stars:

    1 Star = poor
    2 Stars = fair
    3 Stars = OK
    4 Stars = good
    5 Stars = very good 
  3. In addition to the Rating, optionally Businesses and Workers can leave a constructive written Review that complies with Supp's Ratings and Reviews Policy
  4. After both sides have submitted their Rating and optional Review, they are immediately published on the Supp profiles of both, and cannot be changed or deleted in-app