Shift Payments Policy & Guide

Shift Payments Policy

The Shift Payments Policy details the expectations on Businesses when paying for temp shifts. It also covers relevant timeframes for Worker payouts.

Payment for work is digitally paid by Businesses directly to Workers using Stripe via Supp Payments. Offline payment agreements where Businesses pay or offer to pay Workers for shifts outside of Supp breach Supp’s Terms and may lead to removal from the community. For Workers, it also means:

  • they’re not covered by insurance 
  • Supp's Support Team are unable to assist with any issues, for example with pay

There is an exception for tips, which are not handled by Supp Payments

48h to Submit Timesheets 

Within 48 hours of the end of a shift, the Business must submit the in-app timesheet to:

  • confirm the time performed on the shift; and
  • process the shift payment

Once the timesheet is submitted, the Worker will receive a ‘Timesheet Processed’ email. If the Worker hasn't received the email after 48 hours, they should follow up with the Business by text or email. If delays are ongoing, Supp’s Support Team is available to help at:

See: Paying For Shifts Via Timesheet

Timeframe for Worker Payouts

Once a timesheet is submitted by the Business, Stripe charges the Business' card on behalf of the Worker, and processes the Worker’s payout. Payouts to Workers generally take 2 - 3 business days after timesheets are submitted and payment initiated by the Business.  

Due to Stripe’s ID verification process, new workers who have completed profile requirements will receive their first payout within 7 business days of a processed timesheet. See: Setting Up Supp Payments For Workers

Public or bank holidays may impact these timeframes.

Late, Missing or Incorrect Payment   

Late Payment or Failure to Pay

Businesses repeatedly late to pay for shifts breach Supp's Terms and may be removed from Supp's community.

Businesses who fail to pay Workers they engaged through Supp breach Supp’s Terms and may also be referred to external bodies for investigation. They will be removed from Supp's community. 

Confirming Final Shift Hours for Correct Payment

Supp shifts have a minimum duration of 2 hours.

The final shift hours for the timesheet may be unclear for various reasons. For example: 

  • hours actually worked differ from hours described in the shift ad
  • unpaid breaks need to be accounted for
  • unexpected cancellations 

If necessary, Workers should allow Businesses reasonable time to investigate discrepancies between the shift ad hours and final shift hours.

After a shift and before leaving the venue, it is best practice for Workers to: 

  • try and confirm what the final shift hours were (including breaks) 
  • send a text or email to document final shift hours

In the case of a mistaken overpayment, Businesses should contact Supp as soon as possible as they may still be in time to recover overpayments via Stripe.

In the case of a mistaken underpayment, upon request, Supp can arrange a manual ‘Top Up Payment’ in-app.  

For assistance with late, missing or incorrect pay, please contact Supp’s Support Team at:

Paying for Shifts via Timesheet

1. Confirm Shift Hours and Submit Timesheet within 48h

Businesses must submit the in-app timesheet within 48 hours of a shift ending according to Supp's Shift Payments Policy. This is the payment step, and confirms the time performed on the shift and the amount the Business wishes to pay the Worker.

All Supp shifts are a minimum of 2 hours.

If the final shift hours differ from the shift ad, Businesses should confirm the actual shift duration (including breaks) before submitting the Worker’s timesheet and initiating payment to the Worker. If any, refer to Worker communication documenting the final shift hours. See: Confirming Final Shift Hours for Correct Pay

For Worker no-shows, the Business should mark the shift hours as 'no-show' to end the shift. For shifts cancelled in-app by the Business (not including 'no-show' situations), the shift hours will be ‘0’ hours. For when Workers want to cancel shifts, see: Cancellations for Business

2. Pay Shift Total 

After using the app to enter the final shift hours into the timesheet, the shift cost is calculated. The shift cost includes the Worker pay and the Service Fee to Supp. 

Once the Business confirms payment of the total cost, the shift is ‘closed’ in-app, and no longer appears as ‘still in progress’.

3. Confirmation Emails Sent

Once the Business has paid for the shift, Workers receive a ‘Timesheet Processed’ email. The Business receives an ‘Invoice Paid’ email that attaches the Worker's paid invoice while also confirming that the Business' payment was submitted to Stripe for processing.

4. Stripe Transfers Payout in 2 - 3 Days

Worker payment is processed and transferred by Stripe directly from the Business' card to the Worker’s nominated bank account. Payout generally occurs within 2-3 business days, except for the initial payout for new Workers, which can take up to 7 business days. New Workers should read: Setting Up Supp Payments For Workers