Trust and Safety Guide

At Supp, we are committed to ensuring that safety and trust remains at the forefront of our community.

Our Terms of Service 

All of Supp's policies and guidelines are based on Supp’s Terms and Conditions. Our outline your rights and responsibilities on Supp, and must be read and agreed to before using Supp. Breaches impacts our community and can result in account consequences including banning.

Supp Account and Data Security 

It’s important that you know how Supp protects your account including your personal information and data. Supp's Privacy Policy covers questions you might have, including about:  

  • types of personal information and data information Supp and third parties collect
  • how you can access, amend, or remove your information 
  • how your personal information is stored and about Supp’s data protection measures including encryption and industry-standard security practices
  • how we protect against unauthorised access of your personal information   

User Conduct and Content Guidelines

Our Terms and Community Guidelines require everyone using Supp to know and to comply with their legal obligations wherever they use Supp.

Examples of prohibited user conduct within the Supp community include (but aren't limited to): 

  • theft
  • property damage
  • threat of violence
  • assault
  • fraud
  • harassment
  • unwanted contact
  • intoxication/possession of controlled substances
  • discrimination
  • workplace health and safety/health code violation
  • inappropriate behaviour

Our Terms also require that all published content by Workers and Businesses on Supp: 

  • is accurate, truthful, not fraudulent, defamatory, threatening, harassing or unlawful in any way
  • doesn’t contravene anti-discrimination/equal opportunity laws 
  • doesn’t mislead others, and complies with local consumer and trade laws
  • isn’t harmful to others 

Breaches of the expected User Conduct and Content Guidelines may result in account consequences and other appropriate measures such as removing inappropriate review content.

Trust and Safety Breaches - Reporting Incidents

Together we can build a safer and more trustworthy platform for the Supp community. Use the following as a guide for how to report incidents with Supp shifts.

  • If the incident occurs during a shift (and it is appropriate and safe to do so) - report directly to the Manager or Supervisor on a shift.
  • If you are reporting a crime - contact the police.  Supp co-operates with local law enforcement in line with our Privacy Policy
  • To report an incident to Supp, reach out to Supp's Support Team at: Your reporting assists us to determine when account consequences and content moderation is required.